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Ok so her not being a meteorologist is not a big deal.
It is funny though her last job was playing a news anchor for The Onion News Network.

I don't mind her on air, she seems very professional. However, am I the only one who gets a little mad on the inside when someone just switches to a TV Network and 'acts' meteorologist when they've never done it in their life or have a degree? Or if they just switch to a news anchor job if offered it from being a meteorologist? To me people like that seem to carry an a sign that says 'I'm fake' and are willing to jump ship and abandon weather at anytime. It's just a bit depressing and angry that they can do that. I guess I'm the only one, though.  <_<

I personally don't like to see people doing jobs they aren't qualified for either. :no: Then again it doesn't matter as long as you look good and have a good personality in front of a camera, they wouldn't give a flying flip if you were certified for your job or not. I agree though, she acts like she may know a thing or two and maybe she does and we don't know it. :dunno:

This makes me think of our godawful CBS affiliate WGCL-TV, out of like 5 mets, only one is technically certified (no, it's not the Chief, she's just eye candy just like the last Chief who also didn't have a degree)No wonder this station is laughable. I wish they had of made that 1 certified met the chief, I've read his blog a few times on their site and he KNOWS his stuff. :yes:

Star4000 Fan:
Where do these names come from (their parents, I know, but really!)  :dunno:

Kyla is a pretty common name now-a-days, if you ask me. You should hear some of the weird names at my school. There's a 6th grader named Jagr (yes, I spelled it right) :blink:


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